The dreaded self-written bio

I'm a strategist, writer, editor and creative consultant. I'm also a singer-songwriter and always have some music project on the back (or front) burner.

I currently work at Facebook, mostly on the future of news. In the past, I've worked in-house ( Prints), for agencies (HUGEPanCom), with blogs/media outlets (One Sweet SongNYTNerve) and embedded in start-ups (OpenSkyThe Birdy), taking on primarily content strategy, UX, editorial, creative and branding work. I also have experience building and leading teams.

I grew up in an AP Style home and thus I hold controversial views regarding the Oxford comma. These views are expressed in abundance on this site, specifically herehere and right here.

I was mostly raised in New Jersey, having also been raised a little bit in New York City. For a short, unfortunate period of time I resided in the Greater Los Angeles area somewhat against my will. I then went to hang my hat (so to speak) in San Francisco, where other people have left their hearts on unspecified hills. I got out with my heart intact. Now, I'm back in New York and, goddamnit, I intend to stay here.

In college, I decided I wanted to start a record label with my friends. It basically failed. Shocker. I also had a very short-lived DJ career. It was exactly like that one sketch from Portlandia.

In addition to writing all kinds of things and playing the guitar in a decidedly middling fashion, from 2008 until 2010, I curated a series of magical events at my Brooklyn studio apartment, called The 50/50

Sorry I just used the word “curated.” I'm well aware that the word has been over for nearly a decade. I am now curating a collection of apologies for you.