I'm a strategist who primarily works in the field of product design. I’ve also done work in naming, branding and identity, along with creative direction (copy-focused). I currently work at Facebook.


I've worked in digital – as a strategist, writer, editor and creative – for over a decade now. I'm interested in making the Internet a better place for users by creating excellent content and content systems. I like solving new problems and getting shit done right. 

Selected clients & employers


Content strategy

My award-winning work in the discipline of Content Strategy includes UX-focused editorial planning, content creation and production, governance, voice and tone definition, micro-copy, email work, messaging architectures, content structure definition and more.

Brand strategy & identity

I’ve done extensive work on naming new products, leading branded campaigns and helping new businesses tell their stories to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Copy & creative direction

As a copywriter, I've had the opportunity to write and creative direct for marketing, product and social media projects.

Writing & Speaking

I've always enjoyed writing articles, blogs, reviews and other more literary pursuits. I also speak about content, digital strategy and privacy.