My wife says I am addicted to starting new creative projects. 


Back in the day, I launched a whimsical Kickstarter project called LOVE TRAIN. It was about documenting a cross-country Amtrak trip for love. Cliché? Maybe. But it was fun.

You can see the pictures and hear the music I wrote for it on the official LOVE TRAIN SITE


In addition to being a writer, I'm also a songwriter, so I'm always working on a band or two.

SOFT CENTER (we made a record and released it independently on vinyl)

FAST SET (grifter rock)

PALMYRA (...bringing together rock, noise-folk, and twee elements to create a sound that's alternately dreamy and poppy. -Chrysta Cherrie) (learn more)

SMALL SONGS (a collection of short songs recorded and mixed in a bedroom in single sessions)

UMBERTO (...every word, every screaming noise, is real and true. -Alan Goldsmith)

THE DUMB & UGLY CLUB (folk/rock duo turned retro space rock jammers)

Blogs 'n' Things

ONE SWEET SONG (Bloggie Award-nominated daily music blog, started and ended during the heyday of music blogs (2008-2013))

EMOJISCOPE (started as a joke between coworkers, Emojiscope blossomed into a participatory fortune-telling-through-emoji experiment)

WHO SHUT THE GOV DOWN? (remember that?)

DOWNTON LINNEY (if you still get this joke, get in touch because I want to be friends)

BUSINESS POEMS (odes to scheduling an hour with the wider group)

PERSONAL PICTURES (snaps before there was snapchat)

Featured in the following films:


SNEAKERS AND SOUL (Jonathan Zelenak)