Story of the Day // Cowbird / by g

Today, a story I wrote was Cowbird Story of the Day. It was pretty exciting to see it in my morning inbox.

Cowbird is an amazing storytelling site and one of the only sites that I think manages to put the community back into social media, likely because its organized around meaningful content, not just brief status updates and accumulating friends.

They are currently featuring stories about marriage equality (awesome), which is how mine came to be featured. Reading back over it, it's crazy that after just two years, the sentiment I expressed feels totally dated. People don't really ask me too many awkward questions anymore...although they continue to be very interested in how we will have children. It's hard for me to blame them for that, though. I am also interested in how we will have children. 

In retrospect, I hope I wasn't too harsh in my writing. It was how I felt at the time. But since then, so many amazing things have happened. DOMA has been struck down. Equality continues to move forward. And, for the most part, people simply say a heartfelt, "congratulations!"

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